Lin Feng was ashamed. Hehe smiled at Sun Yaoyang’s behavior. He knew very well that if it were another girl, he wouldn’t bother to pay attention to it. After all, he was not much better. But since the Lins had reunited with Chen Jia, Lin Feng didn’t want Sun Yaoyang to harm his cousin. However, Sun Yaoyang was able to spread his great power on his own, and he didn’t feel guilty. In this case, Lin Feng was relieved.

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"Brother Yaoyang, what can I do for you?" Windson knew that Sun Yaoyang had something to do, so he must have something to find himself. It’s better to ask him directly or beat him earlier. Wait a minute and continue to "sow" Jade Sister.
"This … it’s a long story …" Sun Yaoyang consciously touched his nose and said, "Xiao Feng, I came to see you this time because I hope you can help me to have a fight …"
Chapter one hundred and ninety A little shit
Fight? "Windson slightly leng a know things certainly not so hello" let’s sit down and say "
Chen Junya has been curiously looking at the situation in the house since he took the door. At this moment, he suddenly said, "Cousin, you are so chic here that there is no partition wall in such a big room, but it makes people feel comfortable and cheerful at a glance."
"Lesser like to lend you a few days" windson laughed.
"Forget it or not. I know my cousin is going to practice here." Chen Junya vomitted to stick out his tongue and said cleverly.
It’s not the first time for Sun Yaoyang to come here. He seems to have arrived at his own home, regardless of his image. He lay down in the sand and stretched himself easily and said, "Xiaofeng, why don’t you know how to bring a glass of water?"
Lin Fengnai shook his head and asked Dingdang to bring four cups of pure water immediately after everyone sat down. Before he could speak, Sun Yaoyang cried again, "I said Xiaofeng, you are really stingy. When I said pour water, you really brought pure water?"
"What pure water? This is the top mountain spring of Rainbow Star, and the spring is privately controlled. No special ordinary people can’t drink it even if they want to. "Windson explained again angrily and funny.
"What mountain spring I think is pure water, I don’t want to drink this." Then Sun Yaoyang got up and came to the small bar against the wall, and easily found the most expensive red wine from the wine cabinet and said with a smirk, "You won’t be reluctant to drink this little wind, will you?"
"I don’t want you to regret it." For Sun Yaoyang’s behavior, Lin Feng has long been used to it. This guy is absolutely unwilling to give up every time he comes over without mopping up.
"How can I regret joking?" Otherwise, Sun Yaoyang poured red wine into a cup and shook it gently for two times. He took a deep breath and intoxicated that "Chinese dry red really deserves its name."
Windson hey hey smile also ignore him to sit on the side to Chen Junya said "Xiaoya cousin to give you something good to drink" Say his hand suddenly appeared a fist-sized small white jade jars, a dozen of them covered with a layer upon layer like flowers and fruits, and the rich bouquet came out, smelling people not feeling refreshed and high.
"Cousin, what is this? It smells good. "Chen Junya raised her beautiful face and raised her nose high.
Windson quietly looked at while Sun Yaoyang saw this fellow’s throat rolling and drooling, staring at the small jars in his hand. Windson was waiting for the answer to suddenly shoot into the white light on both sides from the window and appeared in his thigh. A pair of small eyes, one gold and one silver, please look at him.
"Two little greedy cats came running as soon as they smelled the aroma." Windson funny shook his head and looked at his legs and said, "It’s cheaper for you. Brother Yaoyang drinks red wine today and you go to bsp; And dolls were immediately overjoyed "sou" and quickly put them in a small bowl before windson.
Windson will prepare the cup of mountain spring for Sun Yaoyang and pour it into two small bowls respectively. A dozen drops of blue wine floated out of the small white jade jar and blended into the sanshui crystal cup and two small bowls on average.
As soon as the wine enters the water, the mountain spring will be dyed as blue as sea water, which makes people feel relaxed and cool.
"Come to Xiaoya for a drink" Windson greeted with a smile.
Chen Junya curiously picked up the crystal cup and smelled the rich aroma full of aura. He couldn’t help but take a sip of it. He felt that a cool wine went straight down the throat into the lower abdomen. It was more comfortable than eating the said ginseng fruit, and he exchanged the purest aura with heaven and earth …
And on the other side, the doll has already put her little head into the bowl and kept drinking.
"It’s delicious, cousin. What is this wine?" Chen Junya put the crystal cup, and her pretty face involuntarily floated two charming blushes.
"This is fairy wine. I heard grandpa say that your cousin got it from the fairy. Your cousin has given it to some elders in the family very stingy. You have just drunk it in our generation." Sun Yaoyang said sourly that he smelled the aroma of fairy wine and smelled the top red wine in his hand. It was even worse than water.
Indeed, as Sun Yaoyang said, it was not that Lin Feng was too stingy but that there was too little fairy wine for Sun Chen’s two elders after Lin Feng came back.
Buy and drink a little less for others, and if you drink too much, you will lose yourself. Most of his own drinks are mixed with a few drops in a cup of mountain spring as just now. If you drink ten kilograms of fairy wine according to the ground exchange method, it is estimated that it will be gone in less than a year.
Although windson is really reluctant to give others a drink, this time it was Sun Yaoyang who asked for it. Windson hey hey smiled and pretended to be surprised and said, "Brother Yaoyang, who is wrong to say that I am stingy? I wanted to let you try it, but you insisted on drinking red wine and said categorically that you didn’t regret it. What can I do? Don’t force you to drink … "
"Poof bursts" a windson words let one side look on coldly Han Yu couldn’t help laughing, and Sun Yaoyang turned blue and white and knew that he was caught in a forest wind and could not say how bitter he was.
"All right, Feng, don’t joke with Vice President Sun." When the key was pressed, Hanyu came out and made a rounder.
Lin Feng felt that being disturbed by "sowing" was almost gone, so he let Dingdang pour a cup of mountain spring for Sun Yaoyang and then poured a few drops of fairy wine. He quipped, "Brother Yaoyang had an idea about my fairy wine long ago, so just tell me. Even if I am stingy with others, I won’t be stingy with Brother Yaoyang. Who are we?"
"Yes, yes, we didn’t have to say that it was the eldest brother that I did this time." Sun Yaoyang had a thick skin. When he borrowed the donkey slope and lost his hand, he lay on the crystal glass of red wine and enjoyed it in the sand. At the end, he gave a disgusting groan. "Hoo … it really means that the taste of Zhongxian wine is good."
Windson distress rubbed his eyebrows and sighed, "okay, Yaoyang eldest brother also drank the fairy wine. Tell me about it in detail. What do you want me to help you fight? Will your hand still be empty? " Bamboo slips are also four big families in the Federation, and there are too many strange people, three religions and nine streams. Lin Fengke doesn’t believe that even people who can fight can’t be found.
When it comes to business, Sun Yaoyang got serious. He put a cup down and said, "In fact, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a little broken thing for the younger generation, but we can’t easily throw in the towel when it comes to our Sun and Chen families."
It turns out that Sun Chen’s two families are closer, and other young players often play together. A few days ago, when the two young players went out to play, they did not know that they had a conflict with several young players in Hughes’ family and were beaten by others.
Hughes’ family is also one of the four major federal families. Its owner is Charlie Hughes, the first vice-president of the Earth Federation, and Chen Baichuan, the chairman of the Federation, Lin Feng’s grandfather, have always been at odds with and United with other big families and Sun Chen to show their opposition to junior conflicts at all levels of the Federation.
This time, after the young players next to Sun Chen’s family were beaten, they were embarrassed to ask their elders for help, so they found "being eager for public interests and being helpful". Sun Yaoyang wanted him to help them out and find something to do at ordinary times. Sun Yaoyang immediately agreed to send his hand. A top fighter went to find a field, but the other side was prepared. As a result, no one was found in the field, but he was wasted and brought back black and blue.
Of course, Sun Yaoyang refused to swallow it, so he made an appointment with the other party to have a formal fight. Which side lost not only had to apologize, but also offered some money. It was a small matter for Sun Yaoyang to apologize, but it was absolutely unwilling. However, his hands could no longer find a fighter who was better than the abandoned master. He was also embarrassed to ask his elders for help, so he put his idea into the limelight.
After hearing what happened, Lin Feng frowned. To tell the truth, Lin Feng has lost interest in ordinary fighters since he became Yuan Ying. He is confident that he is now the first master of Blue Star, Lan Yehan, and the chief combat instructor of the Federal Central Military Academy, Chai Jin. It is impossible to make moves at the same time in his hand. If someone else comes to him, he will not pay attention to it, but Sun Yaoyang will make him hard to dodge.
After a moment of hesitation, Lin Feng asked, "Are you saying that the abandoned guy in your hand is also a five-star fighter?"
"Yes, he’s called the real Miyata Japanese people. He didn’t come to me until he made something in his hometown. He’s not only a fighter, but also a practitioner in reality. His hands are really a bit of kung fu. You know that our Chinese people have a bad impression on the Japanese people, so it’s not a pity that I have raised a hatchet man. The key is that I can’t lose that face. You must help me," Sun Yaoyang said pathetically.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Magic Repair
What’s the name of the guy who hurt him? "Asked windson casually has" fighters "list is also a generation of new people in the old man that what really Miyata emperor five-star master windson listen to also have never heard of.
"That guy’s name is Dark Blood, but I guess it should be an alias. His hand is very vicious, and a blow will kill him. It’s simple and smooth, a bit like a top killer’s taste, and he also has a strong blood smell." Sun Yaoyang also has certain accomplishments in fighting, so it is very targeted
"How about a small wind? Are you sure it’s clean and tidy?" Sun Yaoyang seriously said, "If you are not sure, even if you don’t want to hurt you, I’ll ask my father to send someone else." Sun Yaoyang, the bamboo slips office, of course, knows that Lin Feng is a person who is trying to fix the truth, but after all, he hasn’t seen his hand with his own eyes. Sun Yaoyang’s heart is a bit nervous. Lin Feng’s identity is not true. Miyata can be worse than even if he is injured. I’m afraid he will be in trouble.
"Joke, how could I get hurt?" Windson words with a strong self-confidence is a possible killer, even fit period fix true windson is sure to get away.
"When is the so-called’ regular’ competition scheduled?"
"Tonight, otherwise I wouldn’t be in a hurry to come to you." Seeing that Lin Feng agreed to Sun Yaoyang’s heart, he was relaxed and excited again. It is a rare thing to see the person who said that the fix is true.
Han Yu, who was sitting beside Lin Feng, also heard this story. Although she was worried, she didn’t speak out against it, and Chen Junya had been clever and listened to the little stars in her eyes.
Take four people to chat casually in windson cabin, and windson has no chance to "sow" again.
Chen Junya is very interested in some things that Lin Fengdui fixes in the fitness area. He has been asking questions all the time, and Lin Feng is also very patient to explain one by one that he still has a good impression on this cute and clever little cousin.
In the evening, Sun Yaoyang grinded Lin Feng to cook in person. After dinner, Lin Feng and his family made a casual excuse and left the hut with everyone.
The night is getting darker and darker, and the whole city is dressed up with colorful neon lights. 6 The streets of Shencheng, a famous city that never sleeps, are still bustling at night, and people like nightlife. People throw away the heavy work during the day and let go of all their troubles.
Sitting in a luxury coaster and looking at the relaxed visitor outside the car, Lin Feng suddenly felt that he had not enjoyed the overnight life for a long time. This may be the price of fixing the truth. It is already difficult to leave traces in his heart on earth, and only by being with his lover can he realize the meaning of life.
Thought of here, Lin Feng involuntarily took Han Yu’s hand of fine fine jade around him. Han Yu was slightly surprised. Her face was noble and mature. Immediately, two blushes rose. She looked at Sun Yaoyang and Chen Junya sitting in the front row and saw that they didn’t seem to pay attention. This was a sigh of relief. She struggled quietly for two times but didn’t earn in front of Lin Feng’s relatives and friends. Han Yu still couldn’t let go this time. If Lin Feng insisted on her coming, she would have gone back.
Luxury coasters soon stopped in front of the main entrance of a building, and when Lin Feng was preparing the car, a thick blood gas almost suffocating suddenly came to my mind.
Windson immediately looked intently and saw more than a dozen young men and women with luxurious clothes and frivolous demeanor. The doorman led them into the main entrance of the building talking and laughing, and the source of the bloody smell was one of these more than ten men and women. This man was thin and about 17 meters high, wearing a set of ordinary leisure and walking silently at the end.
May be felt windson eyes that people suddenly look back instantly and windson to the eye.
Windson took the opportunity to give him a careful look at the small black and blue eyes, but his eyes were full of awe-inspiring murder and strange energy fluctuations around him, which made Windson reveal a meaningful sneer.
"This strange energy fluctuations … seems to be said in the magic gas! Is he the’ dark blood’? Interesting actually met a magic repair. This time it’s really right. "Windson pretended to withdraw his eyes while thinking in his mind, and at the same time suppressed his body and breath to make the other party unable to see his reality.
The man’s eyes flashed a few silk doubts. Obviously, he didn’t see the strange forest air.
White what an ordinary person’s eyes can actually cause him to be violent? Just when he was stared at by Lin Feng, it felt like being drenched by a basin of ice water from beginning to end and being seen clearly from the outside.
"Xiao Feng just went in. Those guys are Hughes scum. Let’s go, too." Sun Yaoyang got off the bus first and urged.
"Good" windson nodded and looked at the man out of the corner of his eye and shook his head and walked into the building. It was funny in my heart.