"I really don’t know how to live or die." Liang Yi saw that someone was killed and didn’t leave, so he waited quietly.

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Several hunchbacked elders who breathed in golden armor led three monks dressed in green armor to surround Liang Yi. "The pavilion violated the rules of Canglang Yangdu and smashed other people’s shops and seats. Let’s take a trip."
"Seven of turtle demon? It’s a pity that Du Jie failed to take the road of scattered immortals. "Liang Yi’s eyes swept through four people, but seeing the first one was the September 7th robbery of demon fairy. I couldn’t help feeling that it was not worth it. Many core members of Canglang Temple are generally mysterious turtles, turtles are good at defense, and thick turtle shells have unique advantages in resisting Leijie. Unfortunately, once they take the road of scattered immortals, they must abandon the original advantages of the physical body, and naturally they are gone.
"There are important things to do in the forbidden seat, and I will tell you poor mushrooms when I am not available." Liang Yi looked calm.
"Looking for death!" The first seven robbed the turtle demon in anger, and a pair of prismatic Zijin hammers appeared in his hand, and then his body flashed to Liang Yi’s front to lift the hammer.
The prism, purple and gold hammers are torn, and the beam escape machine is firmly locked and laminated.
"Hum-"A ray of seven-color sword light lights up, and then the shape of the seven-robbed turtle demon suddenly bursts back, and a mouthful of purple and gold liquid involuntarily overflows from the corners of the mouth. A pair of huge purple and gold hammers are cut into nearly half, but before it can react, the seven-color sword light lights up again, and the whole body is split in half by one thing, and then the pure energy returns to heaven and earth with the breeze.
"ah, go!" The other three demon people are far less powerful than the turtle demon. When they see this, they still have the courage to stay where they are. After they react, they are all desperate to escape in the direction of Canglang Temple.
When I saw this, Liang Yi didn’t catch up with the direction of Canglang Temple.
"It’s too arrogant for Taoist friends to kill me, isn’t it?" Anger sounds from far and near two figures rising from the top of the tall Canglang Temple are like moving and transposition. Every time the figure flashes, it takes two or three breaths for more than ten miles to reach Liang Yi’s front, and there are five or six breaths that are no less than the turtle demon’s seven robberies of scattered fairy.
Two figures stand out in vain. One is dressed in blue, short and thin, the other in white armor, burly and ferocious. Two people each hold a water-blue fairy sword in their hands, which makes Liang Yi face each other.
"A blow being killed seven times of scattered fairy pavilion strength afraid has reached the peak of scattered fairy? With such strength and seat, I have never heard that it is from the outside world. " The skinny old man’s eyes glanced over Liang Yi’s hand-mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian, which exuded a sharp shock wave, and he couldn’t help but feel cold. It was a sudden attack to kill seven scattered immortals from the heart, but that sword actually cut a pair of edge Zijin hammers into nearly half. You know, the turtle demon is no longer good at it, and a pair of Zijin hammers is also a yellow fairy. Even if the skinny old man wants to leave a scar on this hammer, he can also go to it effectively. It is like cutting tofu like Liang Yi, cutting more than half a foot.
Their eyesight is extraordinary, and their hearts secretly judge that Liang Yi’s xianjian is less mysterious, and the white-clad middle-aged scattered fairy eyes show no secret of greed
"Brother, this person must keep the fairy instrument. It’s a good thing. It will be of great help to Du Jie in the future." The middle-aged male voice said.
"Yes, you are from outland. Are you Canglang Demon Saint and Lingmang Demon Saint?" Liang Yi smiled. "You’d better ban your seat when you don’t want to delay."
"Arrogance! The pavilion is a demon saint, but it turned into a Du Jie disciple who made trouble in the central capital of Canglang and killed the elders of Canglang Temple and wanted to leave without giving an account. Then how can my Canglang Temple stand in this sea area? " Canglang Demon Saint sneered. They couldn’t see through Liang Yi’s original body and said that he was a demon and robbed demon fairy. In this sea area, he was usually named as the demon saint.
"Oh, what do those two want to give you?" Liang Yi smiled. "You don’t want to sit on the sword, do you?" to be continued
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world Chapter 693
"Oh, what do those two want to give you?" Liang Yi smiled. "You don’t want to sit on the sword, do you?"
"You can’t get your glib words to kill people and pay back debts." Canglang demon Sheng drank the water blue fairy sword in one hand and roared angrily. "Surround and kill this Lao!"
After that, the two demon saints cheated together, and six of them robbed demon fairy immediately and gathered around Liang Yi. At the same time, more and more high-order scattered immortals in Canglang Temple gathered around from all over the city.
"Really dead" Liang Yi cold hum a.
"Ang-"accompanied by a distant dragon roaring for more than 1500 feet, a golden dragon with five claws appeared in Liang Yi’s body, and Liang Yi’s figure soared to more than 30 feet.
The virtual shadow of the dragon god and the supernatural powers at the same time display Liang Yiyuan’s superiority over robbing scattered immortals, and the momentum has soared several times.
For a moment, I saw the five-claw golden dragon tail suddenly roll, and a seven-robber demon fairy still came uninvited and didn’t recover from the shock, so he slapped the golden dragon tail and melted a little dust. Then, the five-claw golden dragon rolled over
Prance, huge tail and metal claws attack continuously, and just half a breath breaks into the virtual shadow coverage of the dragon god. Six people who robbed the demon fairy seven times, died three times and were seriously injured, and three people who didn’t die completely lost their ability to fight again.
The ever-changing situation has made the battle-hardened Canglang Demon Saint and Lingmang Demon Saint fail to provide effective support.
In fact, even if two senior robbers demon fairy are ready, it is difficult to rescue them in Liang Yi’s crazy attack.
The strength of the two sides is very different. Liang Yi can now make up the strength and add the fairy sword in his hand. Even if he doesn’t display the imaginary shadow avatar of the dragon god and the magical powers of the celestial phenomena, he can win the battle against two or three robbers, no
It’s just a matter of more hands and feet. Once the magical power and combat power are displayed, they immediately soar to two levels, and their power is naturally not comparable to that of a few seven robbers.
Every level of cultivation in the cultivation of immortals and the disparity in combat power are far from each other, and the difference is still three or four levels.
"How is this possible?" The sudden change made the original confident two demon saints fall to the bottom.
But before they wake up from the shock, the giant sword mixed with Yuan Tu Lingjian has made a dazzling and colorful shock wave in generate, and turned two colorful shock waves into a sharp shock wave penetrating layer respectively.
Qi Qi Locks in Canglang Demon Sage’s Discovery; On his own evasion and teleport skills, he still can’t escape this sword. The only thing he can do now is to sacrifice the sword to resist it.
Seven colors of firm but gentle imitation milli interest fell two handle water blue celestial also issued a dazzling firm but gentle to meet.
At this moment, the whole Canglang Yangdu seems to be in silence.
"Ka-"rang all over the Canglang epicenter, and the crisp fracture echoed in everyone’s heart.