Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know whether isolating the surrounding reiki has an effect on the golden hamster, but he knows that isolating the surrounding reiki has an absolute influence on himself.

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Guo Xiaosi, this is a bet on the desperate need for aura in the golden hamster to see if it is still so fierce without aura.
Bet on Guo Xiaosi, he can capture the golden spirit mouse into his own spirit beast, and he can also control the golden spirit mouse to pass through this channel full of spirit mice. You know, the more dangerous the place, the more unexpected it may be or the more straightforward it is.
Wrong bet. Guo Xiaosi didn’t hesitate to take Shuanglong inkstone to borrow the power of Shuanglong inkstone to pick up the golden spirit mouse and then put it as a spirit beast.
Elder martial sister, you will entangle it for a moment and wait for me to launch the array so as to smoke the surrounding aura. It is absolutely impossible for Guo Xiaosi to shout at Guo Xiaosi Bai at Tang Xiaoqian and want to smoke the aura around the golden spirit mouse alone. This golden spirit mouse can break the array so fast that it can be trapped in a blink of an eye. It is not feasible to give the golden spirit mouse array method alone.
The only way is to try our best to make everyone get aura. First, Tang Xiaoqian entangles the golden spirit mouse and then arranges aura around it to isolate the array. Rely on the physical strength of the golden spirit mouse to make a desperate bet on who will win the final laugh.
Hear Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian leng a immediately eyes a bright when white Guo Xiaosi meaning good.
It’s not just Tang Xiaoqian’s white Guo Xiaosi dialect, even the golden spirit mouse seems to be white Guo Xiaosi’s saying that the attack is fierce, many squeaks are fierce, and many Tang Xiaoqian suddenly feel the pressure increase.
More than that, as the golden spirit mouse barked and watched, the spirit mouse stirred up and ran desperately towards Tang Xiaoqian Guo Xiaosi.
Too bad it understood what I meant. It was Guo Xiaosi’s own way to worry about the performance of the golden spirit mouse. Perhaps it was because of the strong attack of the golden spirit mouse and the greeting of other spirit mice. It was said that the golden spirit mouse was afraid that Guo Xiaosi would succeed. The worry was that the golden spirit mouse could command too many spirit mice, and its physical attack was also very strong. Guo Xiaosi was afraid that Tang Xiaoqian would be defeated by the golden spirit mouse before long.
Wu Peng Xiaobai, together with you, Guo Xiaosi summoned Wu Peng Xiaobai to Xiaobai, a snake, and Wu Peng, a bird. Both of them are natural enemies of rodents. They are definitely in the right place. The strength of Xiao Bai has risen sharply, and the double bumps on his head have faintly broken through the traces. That’s a real Jackie Chan, and Wu Peng’s strength is strong against the golden spirit mouse. It’s a bunch of grandchildren who are very responsive.
As Guo Xiaosi drank a small white Wupeng accompanied by a white mountain rushing to Longfeng and Yu Pei, he also went to Xiaobai Wupeng without waiting for the Guo Xiaosi headquarters to rush toward the incoming spirit rats. The division of labor and Xiaobai immediately blocked a big mouth at the ground crossing and swallowed the incoming spirit rats directly.
Snakes, after all, are natural enemies of rats, especially when both sides are practicing, and Xiaobai happens to be taller than these ordinary spirit mice. One thing is that these still flood in and become delicious food for Xiaobai.
Wu Peng rushed towards the golden spirit mouse to help Tang Xiaoqian attack the golden spirit mouse together. Wu Peng doesn’t know how high this golden spirit mouse repair is. Because the root can’t see through this golden spirit mouse, it seems to protect and hinder others from seeing through it.
Moreover, because the golden spirit mouse broke out with golden strength, it was too powerful and too powerful for Wu Peng to cope with it. Wu Peng did not dare to play hardball with the golden spirit mouse, and Wu Peng did not dare to play hardball with the golden spirit mouse. Both sides were in a draw as soon as they met.
Taking advantage of this block, Guo Xiaosi quickly arranged the law to envelop Tang Xiaoqian and other spirits and beasts in the battle.
Seeing Guo Xiaosi’s arrangement of the law, the golden spirit mouse was in a hurry, but it was even more desperate to rush towards Guo Xiaosi. Wu Peng always dragged it to its roots near Guo Xiaosi, accompanied by the fierce braying of the golden spirit mouse. Other ordinary spirit mice in the tunnel also rushed towards Xiaobai like crazy, trying to kill Xiaobai in front of them and then pounce on Guo Xiaosi.
It’s a pity that these clever mouse repairs are too low, that is, they miss a few running towards Guo Xiaosi. It’s just that Guo Xiaosi’s sword is dead and looking at the golden spirit. In this way, Guo Xiaosi may be more and more white. This move has mastered the means of subduing the golden spirit mouse. The biggest reliance of this golden spirit mouse is aura.
Guo Xiaosi also don’t know how this golden spirit rat can practice the aura of heaven and earth, and let it become too powerful to attack the strength and at the same time, it has strong protection.
Tang Xiaoqian felt that the golden spirit mouse was crazy and white. Guo Xiaosi was right in this move, but he tried his best to stop the golden spirit mouse from attacking and blocking the golden spirit mouse in the array.
Be careful, I’m going to start the array law. When Guo Xiaosi finished the array law arrangement, he immediately shouted at Tang Xiaoqian that it is enough for Wu Peng and Xiao Bai to build a higher body spirit force, but Tang Xiaoqian didn’t build them. The two spirits and beasts built high and consumed the spirit force very quickly. Guo Xiaosi woke Tang Xiaoqian up. Don’t wave the spirit force and be careful of the golden spirit mouse attack.
Good Tang Xiaoqian, white Guo Xiaosi, what does it mean to wake up? When nodding and shouting, it is no longer rushing towards the golden spirit mouse. Instead, it keeps throwing a few tricks behind Wu Peng to interfere with the golden spirit mouse attack
Li’s eyes are full of deep loss and worry when he looks at the battle in front of Kyubi no Youko fox. Li believes that it is not because of Guo Xiaosi. Two people have been able to break through this group of ghost rats and attack Kyubi no Youko fox, keeping a close eye on the battle in the field. Although he wants to fight, it is his most important thing at present to protect Li.
Seeing Guo Xiaosi, the golden spirit mouse is ready and seems to trigger the array. Now it is impossible to destroy the array, so it is a pity that Wu Peng doesn’t intend to let the golden spirit mouse keep blocking the golden spirit mouse’s backward route and let the golden spirit mouse scratch its ears and stamp its feet. It is very cute.
See Tang Xiaoqian understand your meaning and feel that the golden spirit mouse seems to want to retreat to Guo Xiaosi, so how can you let the golden spirit mouse go? When Guo Xiaosi no longer hesitates, he immediately urges the body spirit force to drive the spirit force into the array to start the isolated aura array.
With Guo Xiaosi’s spiritual force drilling into the array lingshi, more spiritual force will be shot from this lingshi to gradually connect Guo Xiaosi’s array lingshi. When the aura connects Guo Xiaosi’s array lingshi, the isolated aura array has been started.
With the isolation of the Reiki array, Guo Xiaosi obviously felt that the Reiki in the tunnel was condensed and stopped swimming around. At the same time, with the Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian’s spirit beasts sucking the Reiki, the Reiki in the tunnel gradually decreased.
The golden spirit mouse wanted to flee, but Xiao Bai was still beside it. Tang Xiaoqian let the golden spirit mouse’s body and mental strength be consumed constantly, and Guo Xiaosi and others were also surprised to find that the golden spirit mouse broke out and the golden strength was gradually reduced, and its outbreak scope was gradually reduced from the previous two or three meters to one or two meters, and the trend was also decreasing. In addition, the golden spirit mouse broke out and the golden strength was dim, as if it were about to extinguish the golden flame. People could not feel that the golden strength was fierce.
However, Guo Xiaosi excitedly watched the strength gradually dim and weak, and the golden spirit mouse couldn’t help laughing. This war can be finished by relying on his own business to get the golden spirit mouse, which made Guo Xiaosi feel a sense of accomplishment.
The golden spirit mouse felt that her body’s spiritual force was gradually disappearing and the aura around her was gradually thinning. When Bai Ji was away for a short time, she tried to wait until she was dead. Seeing Guo Xiaosi’s triumphant appearance, the golden spirit mouse couldn’t help but gnash her teeth and look at Guo Xiaosi’s mind.
Thought of here, the golden spirit rat rushed towards Guo Xiaosi with a few psychic powers left. Wu Peng Tang Xiaoqian didn’t expect that the golden spirit rat wouldn’t quickly absorb aura at this moment, but struggled to attack. It was not a trance that made the golden spirit rat slip through their small encirclement and hit Guo Xiaosi.
Hum, I’m looking for you. When you see the golden spirit rat attacking Guo Xiaosi, you’re not afraid of the backhand. The green jade sword sends out a slight white awn. It’s also Guo Xiaosi who wants to save the body spirit force. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want to rely on these spirit forces to slowly test the golden spirit rat.
But see this golden spirit rat a golden shadow coming towards Guo Xiaosi eyes filled with hatred, pitfalls.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Surrender golden spirit mouse
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Surrender golden spirit mouse
Feel the golden spirit rat, fade away, and Guo Xiaosi’s fast-moving body spirit force does not consume the waves. The sapphire sword in the hand violently explodes, and the sword mans are much more fierce than the previously bleak sword mans at the moment.
I’d like to see what you can do now. Guo Xiaosi stared at the sapphire sword in the hand of the golden spirit mouse and slammed it toward the head. In a golden spirit mouse contact, Guo Xiaosi suffered a big loss. This time, Guo Xiaosi wanted to find the scene. Guo Xiaosi didn’t believe that this aura was thin. This golden spirit mouse could also defeat itself with its golden aura in vitro.
Guo Xiaosi is not stupid, although he is impulsive. He knows that this golden spirit is definitely not a decoration and will never dissipate its power because of the thin aura here.
Bang bang.
With the collision of Guo Xiaosi’s sapphire sword and golden spirit mouse, huge fluctuation broke out from the collision point. When Guo Xiaosi severely chopped the golden spirit mouse and sent out strong energy, he obviously felt that the golden spirit mouse sent out strong energy, and its counterattack was not as fierce as before.