Liu flew together, patting his heart and face with white tunnel "Xu Shaoge, you scared me to death"

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Liu Qingcheng sat beside Xu Shao and said, "Why do you have nightmares again?"
Xu Shao nodded. In the past ten years, he has been doing the same thing almost every day, dreaming of the same thing. He wants revenge. In the past ten years, he has been practicing martial arts day and night, which is revenge.
Liu Qingcheng sighed "
It’s been ten years now, but the culprit has no news at all. "
Liu flew together and said, "Xu Shaoge, it is not a way for you to find it along the Yellow River."
Xu Shaodao: "My father was killed after fighting bandits along the Yellow River. I think about it …" Liu Qingcheng said: "Your father only fought bandits for more than seven times in his life. How can you be sure that this has something to do with people along the Yellow River?"
Xu Shao said that he moved to Taishan from the suburbs of Beijing to build "Wushengzhuang" in order to find out who killed his father. "Am I wrong before? "
Liu Qingcheng laughed. "That doesn’t mean I told you not to hang yourself in a tree." He patted Xu Shao on the shoulder. "Don’t you think so?"
Xu Shao nodded, "ShiShu is right." Liu Qingcheng said, "I have been asking for you through the government and friends in the Wulin for years, but in the end there is not even a clue."
Liu flew together and said, "Could it be some gang in Tianzhou?" Liu Qingcheng sink a way: "As Xu Shao said, it’s like a well-organized gang …"
Liu flew together and said, "Since it is a gang, how can they disappear in this decade?" "Yes," Liu wait for a while stared at the candlelight. "This is exactly what I want to be white." Xu Shao slapped him along the hate road. "No matter who this person is, I will find out my revenge."
Liu city suddenly laughed "Xu Shao, you can send and receive freely. I haven’t congratulated you yet." Xu Shaodao "What’s so happy about it now that I don’t know where my enemy is? "Liu Qingcheng said," You have already had revenge. This is something to be happy about. "Liu flew together and was excited."
Xu Shaoge, do you know that people in Tianzhou call you Wu Sheng? ""Oh? " Xu Shao said, "Do they really call me that?" He pretends to be a warrior, not arrogant, but hopes that this will lead to his enemy, Liu Qingcheng, saying, "Don’t listen to your school sister’s nonsense. They all call you a martial artist behind your back." Liu flew into a red face and said, "Who nonsense? People heard someone call Xu Shaoge a warrior in vain."
Xu Shaodao "Wu Chi"? I think "Wu Chi" is more appropriate. "Liu Qingcheng said" Wu Sheng "or" Wu Chi "or now you are a big name in Tianzhou. I dare not say it’s the first and it’s the second."
"second? "Xu Shao is a little angry." Who is the first? " "Chi Zhai" "He?
"Xu Shao spewed two air conditioners from his nostrils." Is he a guy who can talk?
Liu Qingcheng said, "That’s what friends in Wulin say."
Xu Shao hummed, "I must meet him when I have a chance." Liu flew together. "This Zhai has always been a dragon. It seems that no one has seen his true face."
Xu Shaodao: "Has no one ever seen him?" "Yes," said Liu Qingcheng, "but he always wears a black towel."
Face? Xu Shao’s face is not u-twitched sharply. Then I should go to meet him for a while. Liu Yifei exclaimed, You can’t fool around. Liu Qingcheng said that it’s not a bad thing for him to go to meet you for a while. Xu Shaodao said, I will leave tomorrow.
"Liu Qingcheng said," You must never act rashly before things are clear. "Liu Fei also sighed," Xu Shaoge, you are too simple and honest, so leave a mind’s eye and don’t be fooled by others.
"Xu Shaodao" school sister, don’t worry about me. Although Xu Shao is Lu Zhi, he is not a simpleton. "
"Liu Qingcheng Road" and your way to inquire about the whereabouts of a small saint who was abducted by him. That nv can go to today’s civil and military two masters "
Xu Shaodao "If I had been in Zhuang that day, this wouldn’t have happened." Liu flew off the pie mouth sour tunnel "Yes, if you had married the uā girl at home, you wouldn’t have made a little brother."
Xu Shaodao said, "I don’t know any uā girl. How can a grass girl marry her?" Liu flew together and said, "You met as soon as you met … after you met …"
Liu Qingcheng laughed. "Little Saint is a good disciple. How can you compare him with Xu Shaoge?" Liu flew away together without saying anything in his heart, but he thought, "uā Manxi is a famous great beauty in Beijing. It is strange that he should not allow Xu Shao to send good things."
She has a crush on Xu Shao for a long time, but she dare not express her feelings. She is bold and unrestrained, and she is bent on revenge, but she can’t detect Xu Shaodao. "Uncle, just rest assured that I will pay attention."
Liu flew together and asked Xu Shaodao, "Do you know where Zhai lives after all this talk?" Xu Shao Zheng said, "I don’t know." Liu flew together. "Since you don’t know, where can you find Zhai?"
Xu Shao blushed. Although he knew he was careless, he didn’t want to lose in front of Liu Yifei. "Can’t I ask others if I don’t know?" Liu Qingcheng said, "Don’t make it difficult for you to fly together, Xu Shaoge."
He turned to Xu Shaodao. "I heard that Zhai’ Ji Zhai’ is located in Mount Emei, but people made it clear.
Xu Shaodao "If we know that it is in Mount Emei, we can’t worry about finding what Zhai is" Liu Qingcheng said "uā grass and trees around Tianzhouyan’s Extreme Zhai are arranged according to five elements of hexagrams. If we don’t know the secret, we should go deeper" Xu Shaodao "Some uā grass and trees are just deceptive things.
"Liu Qingcheng said," If you are so reckless, I can rest assured that I will let you go? "
Xu Shaodao: "Martial Uncle, don’t worry, I’ll just play it by ear." Liu Qingcheng said: "There are many temples in Mount Emei. You might as well ask the monks that they have lived in the mountain for a long time and may know the path of" Extreme Zhai "."When you say that you have any questions, you want to consult Zhai. Don’t tell the truth that you are looking for him to compete. "
"Xu Shao laughed." School sister had been at ease. I’m not stupid enough. "Liu flew together." If you don’t wake up and tell the truth, it’s not impossible. "Liu Qingcheng said," Well, we all said that you should be more careful then. "Xu Shao packed his bags that night and rode fast to Mount Tai the next morning.
Xu Shao could have entered the sky blue by water, but he was a dry duck, and he fainted at the sight of water. Finally, the dry duck was easy to take the dry road. Xu Shao was determined to hit Zhai hard and make him crawl at his feet and listen to himself.
But as soon as he entered the sky blue, he first folded his seat-the plank road in the sky blue was narrow, and the ordinary people’s hands were still in distress. Taking the horses, it was a road to die. From a distance, I saw a town in front of me, hoping to get there in three or two hours, but the mountain road was going around for three or two days. In front of me, the town was still as far away as before, and Xu Shao folded his seat and rode more or less, and then passed through the mountain road, losing momentum again.
He forced his anxiety to follow the caravan and secretly prayed, "Don’t come to the caravan opposite."
Because if the caravan comes across the street, the road is wider, but if the road is narrow, it will be necessary for two caravans to count each other’s goods. The caravan must push the goods along with the mules and horses to the cliff, and they themselves must just visible and go straight to the road, but sometimes the delay is ten days and a half months when the other caravan passes.