"Damn it!"

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The fat old man broke his granddaughter’s delicate arm and turned the voice of the summoning crystal symbol to the outside. There came a dignified and angry voice: "Anderson, the emperor is asking you something. Did you hear it?" Who is it? What the hell is attacking * * * * * * *? Now, right now, a large number of * * * * * * branches have closed down one after another, and they want to quit on the grounds of poor public security in the empire. Do you … do you know how much loss this will bring to our country? Do you know what the tax paid to the state treasury by * * * * * * every year is? Do you know what the indirect income of * * * * * * * is? You know … damn it, if * * * * * * withdraws from the country, the economy will decline more than ten times. What do you want the emperor to pay you? "
Through dialogue, pigs can guess how angry the person at that end is, and naturally they can guess his identity. It is Hanlock, the current emperor of the Kanpa Empire.
For heaven’s sake, he actually …
Countless eyes looked at Chen Han in horror. This son of a bitch actually shut down all branches of the Kanpa Empire and threatened to withdraw from the fully mature financial market of the Kanpa Empire. Is he completely crazy?
"Sorry, actually I’m just a businessman, but I’m too rich."
When someone says this, people want to slap him in the face with the soles stained with phlegm, but there is no denying that he is qualified to say this. At least no one present dares to deny it, and no one dares to say that he is richer than him: "What can I do? As we all know, the daily income of the Tianshan Mountains should be no less than the annual income of a country’s national treasury. * * * * * * There is no competitor at all, and even the competition has been lost. What else can I do? It doesn’t make much sense for me to have more money, especially to this extent. I can only play with it in front of nothing. "
In the eyes of thousands of people who are envious but helpless, Chen Han continued: "You see, there are so many markets waiting to be developed in the divine world. I have money, resources, technology and perfect business processes. As long as I go anywhere with the magic crystal, I can rise in a very short time. Not to mention giving up the market of the Kampa Empire, even if I give up all the existing markets, it is easy for me to make a comeback, isn’t it? "
Yeah …
Yeah …
Some guys are about to cry. If you take money improperly, you will have a bunch of fighting emperors and gods. If it’s a big deal, just don’t hire them, and you don’t have to continue spending a dime. But what about the country?
The country can’t rebuild in another place, can’t disband the army used to guard the territory, and needs a lot of magic crystals to keep running all the time.
Your ya can make a comeback in other places at any time. However, with the evacuation of * * * * * *, the financial system of Kanpa Empire collapsed almost instantly.
"At best, earn less, ha ha … I don’t care, really, I don’t know how the security of the branch of the Principality of Defly is, if …"
"No problem!"
The second speaker of the Principality of Defly, who was also tit-for-tat with him before, immediately said with a grin: "The public security in the Principality of Defly is absolutely fine. Even if some people have malicious intentions, we will make special protection for * * * * * * *, and there will be absolutely no accidents!"
Just now, the Grand Duke of Rolfe, who was still attacking Duolun Empire, decided that Chen Han was just scaring people. The Speaker of the Principality of Philippe hurried out of the crowd, and his chin almost fell off with laughter: "Mr. Razer, I, Speaker of the Principality of Philippe Jarvis, would like to propose a cooperation proposal to * * * * * * * on behalf of our country. As long as * * * * * * * can fully enter the country, you can enjoy a 50% discount on taxation, all business procedures will be handled as quickly as possible, and the country can even assist * * * * * * to expropriate land use rights for the people. Of course, if you are not satisfied, we can still talk about it. How about reducing the tax to 30%? Hehe … You don’t need to have any concerns about the public security in your country! "
Chapter 796 Thoroughly 2
What excellent conditions!
It’s fucking asking the Buddha to worship God, because he knows very well that once * * * * * * * is fully stationed, it will bring incredible economic growth to his country. ////
Just like the Kanpa Empire, although * * * * * * has amassed huge wealth in the past 40 years, it has also accelerated the growth of the national treasury by several times. There are huge taxes paid by * * * * * *, and there are also tourists and consumption indirectly attracted by * * * * *, which brings amazing benefits.
Of course, Hanlock, the emperor of the Kanpa Empire, is still yelling, and Anderson, the chief financial officer, the owner of the Downs family, has a long face.
"Your Majesty, I don’t know who the attacker is, but I have something to report to you." The fat old man glanced at the big prince with smiling eyes.
"What is it? Tell me quickly!"
"We are now in Mr. Razer’s private reception, with important personnel from home and other countries. Just two quarters of an hour ago, the big prince kindly reminded Mr. Razer that the public security in his country is sometimes not very good. Then, the * * * * * * branch discovered the attack, and at the same time, Mr. Lei Ze issued relevant orders to suspend business and possibly evacuate the * * * * * * * branch from the country. "
The arraignment came to a screeching halt, and it didn’t take long for the pale big prince to take out a decree with some trembling, and he didn’t know what the other party said. In short, his face became more and more pale and finally turned into a scary iron blue.
In the end, he closed the communication crystal symbol with a tight frown, and the previous arrogance disappeared. He bowed his head and walked to Chen Han and then stopped.
Chen Han doesn’t seem to see him, but still chats with those old men who are trying to curry favor with him, playing the role of a qualified business crocodile, supercilious.
"Mr. Razer, on behalf of the Kanpa Empire, I’d like to apologize to you. I’m extremely sorry for the attack on the * * * * * * * branch. At the same time, the royal family will mobilize troops to maintain the normal operation of the * * * * * * branch to ensure that similar incidents will not occur again. "
The eldest prince bowed with his head down, and the high prince bowed to a businessman, so he held his fist tightly and his nails were embedded in the palm of his hand. The eyes that others can’t see when they bow their heads are full of resentment that can’t be turned away. This is the biggest insult he has received in his life.
But what can he do?
Father just scolded him like a dog. Although he represents the royal family this time, he holds the purpose of annexing * * * * * * like others. However, what he did was all wet, which almost led to perdition.
Just now Hanlock told him that the annexation of * * * * * * is their purpose, but it must not lead to the loss of imperial interests without annexation. After all, there are more than one country trying to annex * * * * * * *, and there are countless families. The chances of anyone are slim, if not annexed, at least not counterproductive.
If * * * * * * * really withdraws from the Kanpa Empire, the loss of imperial interests will be borne by him alone, not to mention what is the sole heir to the throne, and I’m afraid even the identity of the prince will be deposed?
"Oh … Wang can’t bear the gift from the prince. You’d better get up quickly." Chen cold flattered hurriedly to duck.
"Mr. Razer, please withdraw your decision to withdraw from the Kanpa Empire!" Merlin wants to die, but he can’t give up at this time.
"Didn’t the big prince do what just happened?" Chen cold asked.
Everyone knows the truth of the matter, but everyone knows that he will not admit it, and it is impossible for anyone to find any valid evidence.
Chen Han hesitated for a moment, pretending to be very embarrassed and said, "I also know that it is impossible to do that as a big prince, but after all, this happened, so you have to give me an explanation, right?" In the past, * * * * * * also had various incidents, but there was never a vicious incident in which dozens of branches were destroyed. "
"The royal family will fully investigate this matter and be sure to give an account to Mr. Razer." The big prince humbled himself and begged for perfection.
"Okay, two conditions."
"Mr. Razer, this matter was done by a mysterious murderer, and the royal family will fully investigate, but …"
"I said, two conditions."
Putting on airs has become an extremely tough attitude. Turning your face is faster than turning over a book. Chen Leng said in a cold voice: "There are some things that everyone knows well, so don’t pick it out. I know that the big prince didn’t do it, right? However, your country’s dependence on * * * * * * * far exceeds that of * * * * *, so I am qualified to put forward conditions. Is the big prince satisfied with this statement? "