Tianyu didn’t say much. Although he almost never sent np things after playing, he was more or less impressed with what np should send.

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It is the time when this petty bourgeoisie and big profit trading is too’ wave’, but it is the time when ordinary dnf players are most in need.
"The so-called’ feeding pigs’ is this mode of making money," Tianyu recalled.
Chapter 51 Deputy Profit Analysis
After this update, one of the hottest topics discussed in major post forums is "Which vice industry makes the most money?"?
This is a topic that most players are very concerned about, because it is closely related to their own interests.
Tianyu may not have been able to "touch" the routine in his previous life, but he can also analyze it vaguely under the influence of his peers in this generation.
But the second whew was analyzed as quickly as possible.
Fruit is investment, and every vice industry does not earn …
What will be this fruit? Please come out from Sakura Snow and give us an explanation.
"Hey ~ Hello everyone, finally meet you again. Let’s talk about the profit of vice industry this time."
We know that vice industry can control many warriors after he reaches the seventh level, especially alchemists and couples control teachers, enchanters and decomposers, which we will discuss separately later.
Most of the materials made by alchemists come from the deputy materials given by np, and a few of them need dolls to make the essence of the soul, which is also harmful.
Therefore, we can simply see that the alchemist’s profit is the sum of the prices of deputy materials before making the medicine, and the price is obtained after making the medicine. It is clear at a glance whether the two are more or less by opening an auction house.
Players who often pay attention to deputy materials and alchemy’ medicine’ will definitely find that the price of deputy materials will be higher than that of the auction house.
For example, at present, there are about 11,000 auction houses for body armor’ medicine’, but a turtle shell needs 10,000 gold coins, and a spider mushroom needs 10,000 gold coins to make a body armor’ medicine’, which requires a turtle shell, 5 gold coins and 3 mushrooms, totaling 76,000 gold coins.
That’s right. At the present price, it really needs more than 70,000 game coins, which means that it is really worth more than this price. But why do auction houses sell 11,000 yuan or even less than 10,000 yuan?
Don’t forget the seven favors mentioned above, of which the fifth favor is rewarded with five’ drugs’.
Because a large number of players have completed this, individual alchemy’ drugs’ have been depressed.
Well, this case is a coincidence, and it happens to hit the face. Then let’s change it.
The discussion has been active until now, and almost every racing video will make the’ medicine’ agent, although the formula is different now, but there is no profit in essence.
The function of’ Jing’ Shenci’ Jiling’ Medicine’ reduces D3% effect of all skills for 1 minute.
At this time, the material for making the "essence" and "exciting" spirit "medicine" is a strong soul "essence" marrow, five gold powders and five gold "colored" small crystals.
Tough soul’ essence’ marrow needs a doll. The material is the soul of three tough adventurers plus a magic crystal. At the moment, the market price is about 12 thousand.
The price of gold powder is almost the same as that of turtles, and it is also 10 thousand, so the five are 50 thousand
A gold’ color’ is also 15 thousand, which is 50 thousand
It is calculated that the price of a’ refined’ god-pricking’ exciting’ medicine’ material is more than 110,000.
However, the price in the auction house is about 100 thousand
What on earth is this?
Now vice industry is flooding, and the fastest and most economical upgrade is the alchemist. If you can make money, why can’t others?
Once the profit is made, it will definitely attract a group of followers. If you know about this business opportunity, you may be able to make a pot full of alchemists. The threshold is too low, so everyone can make money. Most players can become full-time alchemists. How can you make money from that lousy street occupation?
Maybe someone will jump out and ask, "I made all these’ medicine’ deputy materials from my own account to feed np, and I earned it when I sold the medicine."
N~n~ The real money-making link is not to make a’ medicine’ agent and sell it, but to give np materials to players.
Since the price of deputy materials is higher than the cost, do I have to make them into sales?
The purpose is very simple. After the deputy is upgraded to the full level, he can make money for the deputy. However, it is natural to find that almost all the deputy alchemists are full of oil and water.
Many people in vice industry need to withdraw funds quickly, and naturally there is a situation in which alchemy’ medicine’ agents compete to lower prices
The whole process can generate profits because you give np junk materials in exchange for deputy materials when you pay.
This way of making profits is called "feeding pigs" by many players.
You can earn a lot of money by feeding a few specific np’s one more day.
It’s the same for alchemists to control their puppets. Adult puppets are even cheaper than materials.
However, under certain circumstances, there will be a counter-attack phenomenon between alchemy’ medicine’ and doll prices, that is, the phenomenon of short supply. Besides, this topic has not yet appeared
What really makes you earn money is not your deputy occupation, but the price difference between deputy materials and np garbage materials.
Now let’s look at the remaining two deputy positions.
If the decomposer is at full level, he will get more crystals from the decomposition equipment than Norton, but the number of crystals from the decomposition equipment before upgrading to level 6 is not as good as Norton’s.
Fortunately, the decomposer can decompose the souls of all kinds of adventurers, so there is still some business
However, every time you repair the decomposer, the chance of upgrading the decomposer is higher than that of opening your own decomposition shop. It is a long-term job and the upgrade speed is relatively slow to get back to full level.
If we consider the realistic factors and design the net, we can’t make ends meet directly.
However, it is very convenient for the decomposer to go to Norton not far after the game is finished. When decomposing, it is money. Therefore, on the whole, the decomposer is the most loved vice industry by players in this period.
The last thing to talk about is the enchanter who was born a few months ago.