The pale cheek immediately flush with red clouds [

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Silent month flow sound pain light shout a.
He stretched out his hand and touched the pinched cheek, then grinned and giggled.
"It’s true … it’s true … not a dream …"
He held her like a child, laughing and circling. Section 113: Someone woke me up.
"It’s true … it’s true … not a dream …"
He held her like a child, laughing and circling.
Jiang Xue Bud felt that her head was almost dizzy by him.
At the same time, my heart was also impacted by great happiness.
After all misunderstandings have been cleared up, their hearts will be grounded again [
After this incident, our hearts are closer to each other.
Love for the fox … Jiang Xue Bud finally no longer has the slightest doubt.
His love is … so passionate … so obvious …
Lip … He kissed it.
He kissed her gently to please her, and he figured out the skills to please her.
The two kissed from bed to bed, shang
From a well-dressed kiss to a frank confrontation
Enthusiasm is like a volcanic eruption.
He is like a child who has been hungry for a long time.
I want him again and again
Heavy breathing and low crooning …
Has been going on for a long time …
"What makes you think it’s smoke tampering?"
After lingering, Jiang Xueya was held by the sound of the silent moon.
She grabbed a strand of his hair and toyed with it.
Silent moon and flowing sound bowed their heads and kissed her tenderly.
Sound rustling in a low voice "is actually someone woke me up.
"I’ve always believed in Ruoyan, and I wouldn’t doubt Ruoyan unless he woke up."
Say that finish this sentence after he look a slight change hurriedly looked down at Jiang Xue bud [
"Snowbud, will you be angry if I say this?"
Jiang Xue Bud smiled and gently shook his head "I am white".
"You always believed her when she was your sister."
"Besides, didn’t you also say? She has been pretending to be cute and lovely in front of you >
How can you doubt her like this? But I wonder who woke you up. "
Silent month sound leng leng look a little uncomfortable said "is … is a romantic"
Jiang Xue bud leng leng hook lips smiled "is it him?"
"He will be so good. Section 114: I don’t want to make it difficult for him.
Jiang Xue bud leng leng hook lips smiled "is it him?"
"Will he be so good?"
"Snowbud, I heard from brother that he gave you Shuiyuezhu?"
Jiang Xue Bud nodded "Yes" [
"You know that your brother killed you, don’t you, but you didn’t tell me anything?"
Silent Moon reached out and touched her face, wondering, "Why didn’t you tell me the truth?"
Jiang Xue bud eyes flashed a surprise "you …"
Ji Yue Liu Yin nodded. "Yes, I know everything. B-brother has told me."
I didn’t expect that … Silent Moon Liuji would confess to the fox.
Jiang Xue Bud is a little confused about what he really wants to do.
First I gave myself water beads, and then I said those things to Liu Yin.
It seems that he is sincerely repenting.
It’s … She doesn’t think it’s as simple as she thought.
Silent moon is definitely not a sign of repentance …
I don’t know if it’s because of that incident
Now she can trust him at all.
Everything he did, everything he said, she was going to doubt it.
"Snowbud, I don’t know what to do …"
Ji Yue Liu Yin frowned and had a worried face.
"The original … I will never let go of those who hurt you."
"But after what B-brother did, I couldn’t hate him …"
Silent Moon sighed softly and said, "Xueya knew you were killed, and I secretly swore that if I knew who hurt you, I would kill him."
But now … when he learned that the man was his own brother, he would like to go away? [
"Do you know what I have been keeping from you?"
Just because I don’t want their brotherhood to be ruined by her.
She … Don’t want to make it difficult for him.
She knows … He and Ji Yue Liu Yin used to be very good brothers.
She would feel guilty if she broke up their brotherhood.
She has verse 115 in her heart about the traces of the silent moon: I am always sorry for you.
She would be very sorry if her … broke up their brotherhood.
There is hatred in her heart for the lonely moon.