Lieutenant General Crane with the reputation of "Great Staff"

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There are also several powerful lieutenant generals of the Admiralty, such as [Gion] Tanyuan, [Tea Dolphin] Jiaji, Onigumo, Yamakaji, Doberman, Stolobery, and Dharmasia … It can be said that almost two-thirds of the high-level combat power of the Admiralty has gathered in such a small conference room.
This battle is quite scary.
However, the admiralty called so many strong people together not to conquer pirates in the new world, but to hold a world conference every four years
"Fifty countries have to send out fifty major generals again!"
Lieutenant General Yamakaji shook the thin paper in his hand and always smiled gently. He rarely converged, and that gentleness showed his disgust at such things unabashedly. Every four years, a world conference was held in the holy land of Mary Gioia, and every time the navy was required to make great efforts to protect these kings and nobles.
Fifty major generals, this is still the minimum budget, and the actual manpower consumption can be far away from here. Look, two generals and more than ten powerful lieutenant generals have been called to one place instead of going to the sea to suppress pirates …………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Even though the navy has a great cause, drawing out so many hands will inevitably make the situation even worse.
If the so-called world conference can bring benefits to the world, it’s not impossible to make some efforts. It’s just that this nonsense world conference doesn’t mean that fifty kings sit together for three days, but they quarrel all the time.
At every world conference, kings will come up with nearly 100 topics, both reliable and unreliable.
However, whether it is unreliable or not, more than 100 topics can be finally discussed, and the results are often three or five, and nine times out of ten, these poor results are all trivial things, and it is difficult for the conference to affect the changes in this world.
"The kingdom of Gelma? What a memorable name. "
Lieutenant General Crane has captured interesting words in this complicated name.
Her hometown is Beihai.
The story of Gelma 66 and the naval hero Sola, like all Beihai people, is also a fresh memory of her childhood. Of course, she can’t be afraid of Gelma 66, an evil organization. She just feels nostalgic for her and hasn’t been back to her hometown in Beihai for a long time.
Sitting in a chair like a volcano, Sakaski exuded disdain and disgust from his nostrils.
As luck would have it, the famous general [Red Dog] is also from Beihai, and the general [Kprusoian] sitting diagonally opposite him is also from Beihai. They all know that Gelma 66, an evil organization in Beihai, was not affected by that story when he joined the navy.
However, the Kingdom of Gelma has the status of a member of the world government, which makes it impossible for Sakkaski to get rid of the harm in his hometown. Fortunately, the Kingdom of Gelma is no longer the powerful kingdom that unites the North Sea.
"Ah? Didn’t the Kingdom of Gelma attend the meeting last year? Why did you appear on the list again this year? "Wave Rusali’s face with a strange look.
The world government has 170 participating countries, but each world conference has 50 places, which means that not every country can attend the conference. Although so many participating countries and not all countries care about attending the conference, most kings are still eager for the number of participants in the world conference.
It is natural for the country to find a way to get the qualification of staff, but it is happy to participate in the meeting for several years in a row, but the country is not satisfied. It protests that the world government is unfair, and it is not easy for the world government to take any tough measures in the face of dozens of kings protesting.
I had to change the rules and establish the system of taking part in the world conference in rotation from now on.
According to the rules, the Kingdom of Gelma should not appear on this list.
"King Gelma, together with the five stars of the Holy Land, has allowed Gelma to participate in this world conference," explained the Warring States.
Bo Rusali’s problem is that he knows all kinds of dark sides of the Admiralty. General Kprusoian actually doesn’t care about the world conference at all
After all, whether the system is alive or dead, there are always some special circumstances to exploit the system.
It is said that it takes turns to participate in the world conference. However, the vast number of superpowers such as the kingdom of Alabama have never missed a world conference, and they hold a permanent seat in the world conference.
The same is true of the Kingdom of Gelma. Although the Wensemak family has no fixed land and a kingdom that moves in the sea, this does not prevent them from claiming a place to participate in the World Conference.
"Everything in Gelma is a trivial matter. The problem is the Kingdom of Ekmondo … We need to consider Nidhogg, the Kingdom of Ekmondo now." The Warring States saw that everyone did not give his ideal feedback, and even the crane was somewhat distracted because of a mere Gelma name. The Warring States was forced to take the initiative to throw it out for a long time.
"According to intelligence, the black Wang Haiyun network has affected most pirates in the new world, and even the BIG·MOM Pirate Group and the Beasts Pirate Group have been hit to some extent, especially the undead monster of Beasts may stare at Nidhogg."
Hearing the marshal’s words, the generals looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.
What can they say?
The Black King and the Four Emperors describe their grievances as either they can intervene or they are just two young men whose strength is limited to the level of generals, but as long as they can’t reach the level of real generals, the gap between them and the Four Emperors and Generals will be bridged by law.
"So you want to send a lieutenant general to escort the fleet of Ekmondo Kingdom?" Onigumo dense tone asked.
"Will? I don’t feel good! "
Dahl Mercia scratched his head.
"Darmejia is right. Even sending a lieutenant general to estimate it won’t help. If the beasts and the black king really make trouble, I’m afraid one lieutenant general won’t be enough to plug the teeth of two ferocious beasts."
"That you say how to do? Can’t let the general be in charge of the escort? "
The lieutenant generals quarreled.
It was not until the Warring States knocked on the table again to stop the quarrel that peace was restored in the room.
"Guard Nidhogg, just choose a lucky and fast major general. We don’t need wave power in Nidhogg. What I really worry about is the G1 branch and the G5 branch. We have these two bridgehead left in the new world. If the beasts go to war with the Black King, the two branches, especially the G5 branch, are a little far from the red soil mainland, and it is difficult to send reinforcements at once. I want to send reinforcements to the G5 branch before."
After that, the eyes of the Warring States period were bright and the faces of many generals swam back and forth.
Finally, the reinforcements were selected.
It’s an addition
Code-named "Tea Dolphin", the future general candidate almost really took the position of the top strong general.
However, the extra plan is a face of annoyance, and the mouth can’t stop muttering something. The garden has not promised him to pursue and not want to leave the department at this time. It is best to act with the garden … This is all his delusion.
As the saying goes, the arm can’t beat the thigh, and this small arm can’t resist the super-big-legged command of Marshal Warring States.
He can even sigh "unlucky" and pick up the support G5 base by holding his nose.
"Bo Rusali, you go to the G1 branch. No matter how the new world turns upside down, you just watch the G1 branch. Don’t let the new world impact the red soil continent. This is your biggest." The Warring States made another arrangement.
After eating the sparkling fruit, Bo Rusali Nuo has the fastest moving speed of the navy. With him in the G1 branch, he can support the G5 branch as quickly as possible.
"Karp … it happened that he went home again at this time."