She knew that she couldn’t really pretend to be so-called when facing ChuNingZhao.

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Si sat opposite ChuNingZhao without saying a word and watched him eat noodles. He was probably really tired and his face was exhausted.
Alice couldn’t help asking, "Have you been here long today?"
"For more than five hours" ChuNingZhao tone is very dull, and all the wrangling in this meeting is hidden in the calm performance.
Thought is recognized behind those thrilling.
The bigger Chu Ningzhao’s business is, the more he needs to pay. It’s very white to think about following him in those years.
It was then that Sisi knew why this man was so strong and determined, because his position and everything he owned were doomed to turn him into a powerful man, and even his enemies in the shopping mall, and his law of the jungle world had to be relaxed and failed
Looking at ChuNingZhao finished eating, he accepted the bowl for him, and his tone was also lighter. "Rest early and don’t work again."
ChuNingZhao cold hard look float a gentle nod "good".
Thought washed the bowl and went back to the bedroom door, glanced at Chuningzhao’s room and sighed …
When Qingchen got up early, she didn’t react immediately. Last night, everything happened when the door went to the living room and she saw the teacup and the cool tea in it, which suddenly woke up the memory of last night.
Qing Chen almost ran into the bathroom and poured cold water on her face by tapping the tap.
Because she remembered her dream before waking up with the memory of last night.
She dreamed that Chen Chi Chen Chi looked at her with deep eyes, and then a hook at the corner of her mouth slowly lowered her head and kissed her lips …
In the moment of kissing, Qing Chen was awake.
At this time, I think it’s so shameful that Qingchen dare not look directly at it. She dreamed of Chenchi, forget it. How could she dream of kissing Chenchi?
It must have been the good night kiss that affected her yesterday … Qingchen gave herself an excuse to hide her ears again.
After blushing and washing, Qingchen finally calmed down, and Chenchi knocked on the door again.
After Qingchen knocked on the door, Chenchi changed into a long gray coat and looked more slender.
"You shouldn’t have breakfast yet. Come and join us."
Faced with this invitation, Qingchen obviously had no way to refuse and followed Chenchi to him.
The original design has been completely changed, although the pattern has not changed much, but the whole layout has been dyed, Chenchi’s personality is concise to the extreme, and there is no redundant decoration, and the whole is cool.
"In fact, I really don’t think it’s like someone is living here." Qingchen is finally able to say this now. She felt so cold and uninhabited when she went to Chenchi’s apartment next to Big A.
"So clean" Chenchi simply answered Qingchen’s words.
He has high demands on life, and he can’t stand the slightest dust and mess in the witness. Only the simplest and most neat design can meet his needs.
The dining table is next to the fluent table. Chenchi came over with breakfast and put it in front of Qingchen.
"You have already cooked porridge?" Qingchen couldn’t bear to exclaim, "So when did you get up?"
"One hour is enough and I don’t need to do it myself." Chenchi has all the cooking tools here, even several lunch boxes.
Qingchen finally asked Bai Chenchi how high the details of life are, but this kind of nitpicking is very enjoyable for life
After breakfast, I set out with Chenchi, and Chenchi finally succeeded in taking on the responsibility of sending off the green morning shift for the time being.
"What time did you leave last night?" Qingchen doesn’t know when he will fall asleep, and he doesn’t know when Chenchi will leave without any impression.
"Twelve o’clock" Chenchi smiled. "Why didn’t you get up early and miss me?"
Qingchen laughed two times "You want beauty"
Chenchi chuckled in a profound tone. "Didn’t you really think of me?"
Section 133
"…" The memory in my mind unexpectedly returned to doing that before waking up, which made her blush and dream that she could never speak again.
Chen Chimu reached and did not continue to tease her to uncover this topic.
When I got to the TV station, I didn’t look back at the door. It looked angry. In fact, the footsteps and background were just like fleeing because I was embarrassed.
Chenchi knew that when the car left, he couldn’t help humming a song.
When I entered the office, Qingchen had finished packing up and calmed down.
Sun Yun and Xia Xiaotian have already run away with other directors earlier than Qingchen.
I am satisfied with their positive youth, which is reassuring. Interns should know that they take the initiative to study without saying much.
It’s not very important that the news to be broadcast early in the morning is all bits and pieces.
But when she was preparing the manuscript, she accidentally saw a rolling report that belonged to the hot spot of people’s livelihood.
A man was beaten when he came home late, with three broken ribs and a slight concussion.
The man called the police, but the police said that the road was not monitored and he was not sure if he could find the murderer.
The man was dissatisfied and then shouted that he knew who the murderer must be a lawyer, and that man had a grudge against him and must have come to get back at him.
Because there is no evidence for one story, the police did not take a man to testify after some investigation.
The man went to the media to report, but unfortunately, there was no result after the reporter interviewed him.
Qingchen immediately remembered who this man was after seeing the man’s face on the news.
He was the man brought by Lengli’s friend in the Thai restaurant that day.
Green morning wanted to think, go to nobody’s lounge and make a phone call to Liu Jinian directly.
"Qingchen wants to see me?"
"Did you hit that man?" Qingchenmen asked when they saw the mountain.
Lu Jinian didn’t even hesitate for a second. "Yo, you know?"