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I changed a cloth ticket to 30 feet and made an adult dress about 7 feet and 13 feet. It’s a little less cough. After all, it’s our Momo peach and Momo peach that are hard to’ grab’ back.
Do persimmon make friends with me? Let you experience the happiness of having a handsome object. Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel from 49: 54: 59 to 4917: 54: 5 ~
Thanks to irrigation nutrient solution angel Masque3 bottles; Run high-speed LSP1 bottles; 1 bottle of sleepy;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Stacked with straw ridges, Momo Peach and her friends are hiding behind their respective haystacks, chattering and not talking.
"tweet, tweet"
"Meow meow"
"Goo goo goo"
After a strange call, several little guys climbed out from behind their small piles with tacit understanding.
"You lost, I’ll eat you today."
Momo Tao Aqiao Xiao Ni got together in a pile and then took out her own honey from her small basket and pocket to get together.
These are all candies that persimmon can make freely before they leave.
However, Xiao Ni’s pile of this stuff didn’t work well after it was left for too long. After asking her opinion, Persimmon changed half of it into money according to the purchase price.
Give her the other half and pack it separately. Just pick it up when she wants it.
Worried about her spending money recklessly
No matter how much money she spends, she will find it on her own. If she has the freedom to make profits, just like a few people at home, will adults not know what they are thinking?
That’s knowing
They wouldn’t care if it weren’t for the wonderful thing of taking their cubs directly to the commune.
A few little guys are competing here today. Who knows that animals call more and bet on it? That’s their favorite bee candy.
"Alas, they all went to learn."
After a person tasted some, Momo Tao squatted on the ground and sighed, and his little hand was very confused.
"What to read?"
"I know this."
Xiao Ni raised her hand. "You can work less after reading, and you can find a job after graduation. You can dig the ground without reading."
"Dig the ground" Momo Taojiu
"There is also picking dung," Aqiao added.
"and feed the pigs."
"and transplanting rice."
"I have to cook."
"I have to take care of my children."
After some supplement, Momo peach looked heavy.
"Then read it."
Xiao Ni and Aqiao nodded nervously.
"But my mother won’t let me read it." Xiao Ni left the pie mouth.
Momo peach and Aqiao looked sympathetically at Xiao Ni.
"But I want money to study for myself. Why can’t my brother and them study for me?" Xiao Ni got up and was very angry.
"If they don’t help me, I’ll pay for it myself, hum."
"I’ll help you." Momo Tao was greatly encouraged and followed.
"I’ll come, too." Aqiao got up, too.
The three men looked at each other
"So let’s dig a mouse hole." Momo Tao waved. "Let’s find the valley and let them help us sell it in the commune."
Xiao Ni Aqiao lost interest in digging mouse holes at the moment, and they suddenly became interested.
"Go, go"
However, it is not so easy to find a mouse hole, such as Tanabe. Everyone went back and forth and rummaged. A few little guys searched for a long time, either finding an abandoned mouse hole or being turned over.
Finally get a few sparse ones.
"It’s so hard to make money." Momo twisted her eyebrows together.
Xiao Ni and Aqiao nodded wildly.
"So we need to go to some exciting places"