"ah! !” Suddenly, General Di Gong gave up his three-legged fork, and his huge body flew upside down like a broken kite.

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56-point thrashing Reservoir Dogs is Jiuchong’s specialty. General Digong is obviously an obstacle for Jiuzhong to get Huang Tianzhi’s book. Jiuzhong naturally can’t let him go. After the general Digong was blown away, he threw away the stolen fork, immediately started the speed and chased him out, and directly killed the general Digong.
"oh! !” But at this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared out of thin air in front of Jiuzhong, flying up is a foot, and it didn’t allow Jiuzhong to have any reaction time to push on his other. M_
Because of the powerful impact caused by the nine-fold speed has been added up, the nine-fold Zhang Jun’s face was almost flattened. Under the action of huge impact, the whole person flew backwards flat, and finally "slammed" on the enchantment wall behind the third frustum of a cone to stop castration.
"Dare to bully my brother, you are doing your death!" An empty voice echoed in this space, but he was still screaming except for the general who had just stabilized himself in the distance. This voice was definitely not from him, but no other figure could be seen in this space.
"He niang of, who is this so not authentic, don’t even know some river’s lake rules, don’t know hit people don’t face? !” Nine heavy left the barrier wall, stood in the sky, rubbing his bloated cheeks, "incredibly dare to hit Lao tze’s face, but also with their feet … your boy don’t let Lao tze catch you! !”
Nine heavy rubbing bloated cheeks, while scanning around, looking for just a foot sneak attack on their own shadow, but in addition to the distance to the general, but can’t find half a figure.
"Invisible …!" Nine heavy immediately guessed Yin’s trick, instantly offering critical, scanning around, immediately found a translucent figure is a leg, hang the wind, and greeted him on the cheek again.
While discovering the movement of this translucent figure, Jiuzhong also obtained his information, General Tiangong, a special attack-type BOSS with a level of 125 and outstanding physical and legal damage.
"Shit, you’re fucking addicted to hitting your face!" Nine heavy heart angry, ranging from the attack of the general god to the crowd, has been the first to, "four elephants rob boxing-basaltic shock! !”
Blow out with one punch, and Xuanwu Zhen’s unique explosive punch strength, burst in series, and stirred up layer by layer, trying to shatter and tear all obstacles ahead.
But the result was unexpected. His basaltic shock boxing strength was like hitting on the air, and he managed to wear it directly from the translucent figure in front of him, and the figure was unscathed.
"Hum, simple-minded and well-developed headstrong man, you don’t want to get to the side of this general in my life! Die! !” After crossing Jiuchong and falling behind Jiuchong, the God General turned and stepped out again, and swung his foot towards Jiuchong’s back. When his foot was about to touch Jiuchong’s back, it suddenly showed its true shape, forming a real object, and continued to stare at Jiuchong’s back, which was nearly a millimeter away.
"whoosh!" However, just as the real angle of the God General was about to be pushed on the back of Jiuzhong’s head, Jiuzhong suddenly made a big turn of Huanglong, and suddenly flashed the foot of the God General. At the same time, he attacked the God General with a backhand, and the round fist exploded again.
But as a result, it hit the empty place again.
"Hum, don’t waste your energy!" General God’s drifting voice sounded around Jiuchong. "This general has just said, you can’t meet this general in my life! Those who are well-advised, give up resistance and lead to death! !”
General God said to attack Jiuchong again, "I push, I push, I push! Hmm! ? Why can’t I pedal? !”
Serial logout dozens of feet, all in vain, general god this just suddenly, "good boy, so you can see the general! But so what? I can’t hit you if I see you, and I’m angry with you! "
For the twittering of God’s general, Jiuzhong didn’t care at all, just avoiding his attack while analyzing his attributes.
Through the critical exploration, all the information of the God General has nothing to hide, and all the information shows the eyes of Jiuchong at a glance, but I didn’t pay attention to it just now. Now I go back and look at the information of the God General carefully, only to find that the God General actually has a unique special skill. It is precisely because of this skill that the description of him in the introduction will be said to be a special offensive keeper BOSS.
This stunt is "blurring". General Tiangong can switch his whole body parts between blurring and reality. Once his whole body enters blurring, any other form of attack is invalid except spell attack, while players who are not proficient in spell attack means can only attack him at the moment when he attacks people and when the attacking body parts are converted into reality.
"I see … this is easy!" Knowing the reason why the attack on the God General is invalid, Jiuchong immediately has the countermeasures. To deal with this stunt, the simplest and most direct method is high speed. As long as the speed is fast enough and the timing is accurate enough, it can definitely cause damage to the God General’s attack position at the moment when it changes to the real state, which is easy for Jiuzhong.
Immediately, Jiuzhong will launch a counterattack against the God-given general who is still persevering and constantly attacking himself.
However, at this moment, a spoiler came.
Chapter five hundred and fourteen Black-box operation
"Eldest brother, let me give you a hand!" General Di Gong flew back from a distance and joined the fray. "Let’s work together to finish this boy!"
"Well, good!" General God laughed. "Ha ha, if this boy doesn’t break the barrier between the second level and the third level in advance, we can’t cooperate and fight. This is really an act of God! You and my brother cooperate, and this boy will die today! "
"That’s right!" General to a loud roar, the whole body fills the air of black gas into a burning black flame, violent toward the nine heavy culling, "boy, you just accept your fate today! Die! !”
General Di Gong’s arms danced like the wind, and the three branches of heaven fork in his hands were too fast, and he conjured up eight illusions of Judah’s essence, and swept over and covered them with nine heavy objects. "Magic skill-splitting the wind for eight dozen! !”
"Hey …!" See rushed up to spoil the general, nine heavy not surprised but happy, in the face of the general’s magic blow, not retreat into, "four elephants rob fist-white tiger kill! !”
Nine white tiger fists roared out, flagrantly colliding with the eight dozen blows of the local general, and a series of explosions broke out, stirring up a cloud of smoke and dust. Both sides’ offensives collapsed and scattered, offsetting each other.
The powerful impact of the two fierce moves turned the three strands of the earth-holding fork in the general’s hand back nearly 360 degrees, and almost cut it on the earth-holding general himself from behind.
"Wow! !” General Di Gong was screaming and screaming, trying to hold himself steady and control the three branches of heaven fork in his hand, and was about to reorganize the attack, but Jiu Zhong beat him to it.
Just as the local general just controlled the flying trend of the three branches of the fork in his hand, before the reincarnation came, Jiuzhong roared out of the smoke and swept to his front rapidly. Bubble-book _
At this time, the general’s arms are draped on his back, and his chest is exposed with an empty net. It is like a sitting duck, and you’re welcome. "Hurricane # Meteor Nine Yao! !”
Nine fists in one form, in one go. Under the acceleration of the "hurricane" skill effect, you can’t see how Jiuzhong punches at all, only nine air masses like mang are scattered on the chest of the local general.
In an instant, there were nine shocking pits in the chest of General Di Gong, and even the whole body of General Di Gong was blown out of shape.
"Dare to hurt my brother! You want to die! !” General God in the illusory state saw that General Earth had been hit by a nine-heavy meteor after nine Yao, and his blood gushed wildly. He immediately came up from behind with a cow, and his feet were right in the middle of the target, actually pedaling on the nine-heavy back, rushing up a air billow, showing the strength.
Then I heard only a clear crunchy sound of bone fracture, and General God’s feet, which were transformed into reality, were broken.