Later, Su Jiao heard the banquet and smiled with a feeling of tightness and a little pleasure.

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Inexplicable, it makes Su Jiao’s spine cold
Chapter 15 Chapter 15
It was a very beautiful shadow, with long white hair and pearl tassels hanging from his earlobes. He walked barefoot in the snow, with thin ankles and gold chains like a snow god.
The atmosphere is getting thicker and thicker.
He seemed to kiss his fingers, but he sneaked into his clothes. The soft school shirt was torn open at random to reveal a young man’s collarbone.
Su Jiao suddenly grabbed the collar and used his quick wits. "I … I want to eat! !”
Have a pity meal.
Su Jiao shouted, "Let me kiss you, but peel an orange for me!" "
He imperative sentence
If others talk to Yan Lian like this, Yan Lian will make him regret coming into this world.
But Su Jiao is different.
He is so beautiful.
In particular, he looked at him carefully like a kitten after he asked for pampering.
The banquet was so pitiful that he let go of his hand and said, "orange?"
Su Jiao "Right … Orange"
Feast and pity "good"
Su Jiao felt a little regret when he agreed. He really didn’t want to kiss the banquet. Although the limit of divine power is very important, it’s …
Su Jiao said, "If all the skins are peeled clean, there can be no orange … No, I can’t peel them by hand. I won’t eat oranges peeled by others."
Su Jiao said that she wanted to raise her hand over her mouth and put "…"
Damn passive skills! It’s that "endure, endure and endure again" again! !
Who peels oranges like this? The more you say it, the more ridiculous it is!
Although he had seen others peel oranges like this when he was a child, he was envious, but …
How could he say such a delicate thing! !
Music tablet "This spiritual skill is based on your soul’s appeal"
A lot of grievances in this world are duplicity and self-forbearance. This skill is really suitable for you.
"You don’t have to become angry from embarrassment, just as it is not a happy thing to make up your courage to express your demands, and it is not a shame."
Su Jiao "…"
Su Jiao had to admit that he was right.
But his reckless demands mean that the other party wants him to beg …
Feast and pity "good"
Su Jiao "…"
Su Jiao watched the banquet flow slowly, put on white gloves, opened the cowhide double-open cabinet and fished out a scalpel that was frozen and chilly from the inside.
Su Jiao discovered that the double-open cabinet, which was as big as a wardrobe, was actually a refrigerator.
What gives people goose bumps is that there are all kinds of scalpels that Su Jiao doesn’t know, not food.
Feast pity seems to be used to wearing gloves and putting oranges on the delicate plate of the red-eyed white rabbit.
The scalpel slowly cuts the orange skin.
It’s very round and juicy, and the orange peel is sharp and steady, and there is no juice splashing out on the blade.
Su Jiao watched the orange carefully peeled by a scalpel, and the orange network was peeled off bit by bit after splitting.
Feast and compassion are like elegant doctors treating a serious operation.
Another example is quietly peeling off the skin of a beauty in a cold room.
I was watching the banquet and peeling the orange peel and banana, but I was inexplicably chilled.
Su Jiao couldn’t help but want to say yes after the orange network was peeled off. Who knows that she will open her mouth for a banquet in the future?
The bright tender skin wrapped with pulp is also dismantled along the grain to reveal the plump and overflowing juice pulp.
He divided the pulp into squares of uniform size, such as cakes, inserted toothpicks and picked up a piece of "good"
"I did it."
"Now," he squinted in a soft voice, "Can Jiao Jiao give me a kiss?"
Su Jiao "…"
When Su Jiao procrastinated, "Then I have to taste it first."
He said, "Not if it’s sour."
Where is the orange subspecies? The pulp is big and full, and the feast is just cut, so the juice will splash.
Su Jiao’s mouth clenched his teeth, and the pulp was caught in the sweetness, and the slightly sour taste spread.
He narrowed his eyes.
This is his bad habit of eating fruit. He always likes to hold it in his mouth. Try it first and then swallow it later.
Just when Su Jiao thought it was good to swallow-
Banquet flow suddenly close to holding a scalpel hand against the back of his head and bit the remaining half.
It’s wonderful that the sweet and sour taste of juvenile soft lips flesh blends together.
Feast and pity the pulp in the teeth and taste it like a teenager’s moist and soft lips and teeth are sweet and sour with a long aftertaste.
Su Jiao pushed him away in panic and anger. "You-"