"I won’t miss him to death. I love him very much. I have never loved anyone so much. For me, scarlet clothes are my department. If she dies, I will die with him, just as if I die, will he die with me?"

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"Green Mu Gong, if I die, will you let all of you accompany me to die? Obviously, you won’t do this because you don’t have that deep feelings for me, but you think that I make you feel new to you because you can’t get what you want! "
She has lived for two lives, and her feelings for Feng Jiang Yi have accumulated bit by bit, and have been deeply rooted in the bone marrow until now.
If she dies, will he die with her?
Green Mu Gong didn’t answer her question, so he turned down the volume just now.
"I know you won’t die now. I will never let you die if you stay with me. Why don’t we grow old together?"
"Who wants to grow old with you?"
Often acacia laughed coldly and hugged himself again without paying attention to him.
Green Mu Gong looked at him coldly. "Maybe you will give up when you see him later!"
They waited in the house for some time before they heard footsteps coming outside.
Qin Xiangxiang Fu Su took the lead and four young dark unlined upper garment men came in carrying a dark coffin.
Chang acacia immediately raised her face and looked out at the dark coffin when she heard the ring outside. The whole person almost collapsed and there was a kind of heartbreaking pain in her heart, which made her almost suffocate with pain.
Chang Xiangsi gasped and tears had already wetted her face unconsciously. She slowly got up and sobbed and looked up at Qing Mu Gong, who looked indifferent.
"You’re lying to me, aren’t you? What do you want to do if you bring me a coffin? I tell you that if he really dies, I will kill you and he will take revenge! "
The coffin fell heavily to the ground, and Qing Mu raised his hand to let them all retreat. Soon the room was left, and the two of them still had coffins placed in the room.
"Phoenix crimson garment is there, don’t you want to see him? After reading it, bury him well in Fenglin country, and we will return to Nanyong in two days! "
It’s been quite some time since he came to Fenglin, and he ascended the throne at the beginning or went back early. Although he made many arrangements in Nanyong, he was just in case.
Acacia always looks at the dark coffin as if she didn’t hear it, and walks towards it step by step.
She put her hand on the coffin and pushed the first layer away to expose the coffin inside, then slowly pushed the second layer away.
It took only a short time to see the familiar face exposed in the coffin, stained with a lot of blood, and the hair was stuck with blood.
But in spite of this, that face is still as beautiful as it was at first sight.
He is never embarrassed in his face!
At this time, Feng Jiang’s clothes were tightly closed, and his face was serene. The blood on his face, hair and lips had dried up.
Looking at the man lying in the coffin, Chang Xiangsi felt that his hands and body trembled uncontrollably, and the pain in his stomach gradually deepened.
She pushed the second coffin away and looked at the person lying inside. Is it really a pink robe or does he like to wear that gorgeous robe embroidered with moire phoenix tail?
It’s him!
Chang Xiangsi put her hand on the nose of Feng Jiang garment, and she was so scared that she took it back.
No way!
She must have felt wrong. How could Feng Jiang Yi die?
He can’t lie here. How can he lie here if he’s not dead?
Often acacia confusedly took the whole person out of the coffin and held it tightly in her arms.
"Crimson clothes crimson clothes you promised me that you won’t die, you are quick to open your eyes and see me? Crimson clothes … My stomach hurts. It must be that the child is noisy again. Tell him to leave me alone or you will teach him a lesson when he is born! "
"Crimson clothes, don’t die. Phoenix tears have fallen quickly. What shall we do if you die at this time? All your years of hard work have gone down the drain! I allow you to die … "
Big tears fell down on Feng Jiang’s clothes, his face was wet and his blood dried up.
She held the man in her arms, then put him on the ground and put her face on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, but nothing could be heard. There was silence and anger.
Chang Xiangsi sat down in despair with an unbelievable face. She still doesn’t want to believe that Feng Jiangyi is dead!
How can you die? Everyone will die, but death won’t be his clothes!
No breathing, no heartbeat.
Chang acacia went to give him a pulse again, but nothing happened and the pulse stopped.
And his wrist and his hands are cold.
She cried out, held Feng Jiang’s clothes tightly in her arms again, bowed her head and kissed his pale lips hard.
Green Mu Gong just looked at his heart, so other men were crying, sad and desperate!
Fortunately, Feng Jiang Yi is dead, otherwise he will definitely make his death more ugly!
Acacia can be him, but fortunately, there will be no phoenix clothes for him in the future!
Her grief and pain are only short-lived, and he will comfort her and accompany her to get out of this shadow.
From now on, there will be no more pink clothes between them!
When I saw Chang Acacia kissing a dead man with such disgust, Qing Mu Gong still felt very disgusted. He walked over and pushed aside the body of Feng Jiang’s clothes, which prevented them from looking at Chang Acacia coldly.
"Don’t forget who you are, but my wife kisses other men in front of her husband and often misses you. Have you ever thought about how I feel?"
Her face is full of tears, and her face is stained with pink clothes. The blood on her face has dried up, and now it is washed away by her tears, and the blood is bright and strong.
"You’re wrong. I’m his wife. He’s marrying me. I married him with a dowry. princess royal married the emperor. My eldest brother carried a sedan chair behind my back. I married willingly and with joy!"
She cried and cried and suddenly laughed. She pushed the green mu Gong aside.