Because of his weak body, Li She’s arms holding the tiger’s head broadsword were shaking slightly, and his body was unstable and shaking. He still said stubbornly, "That’s right! It’s me! "

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"Ha ha ha!" Zhu Di seems to have heard the biggest joke in the world, and she has no scruples about her image. She burst into laughter. She even laughed at the tears in her eyes. When she wiped them off, Zhu Di immediately turned her face and roared, "What are you? Also deserve to scream with me! "
Li was weak, but his tone was still hard. He said coldly, "If I want to kill you, you will never live!"
"Ha ha ha!" Zhu Xi seemed to be amused by Li She again and laughed again.
Li is covered with black lines. This Zhu Xi is not out of her mind!
Before thinking much, Zhu Xi immediately shouted, "Come on! Kill me! Ha ha ha! "
After saying his word, an arrow shot directly at Zhu Di’s crotch, and Zhu Di’s laughter came to an abrupt end.
Chapter seventy-two Shock and awe
Zhu Xi didn’t dare to move, so she turned to look at the arrow firmly nailed to the ground behind her. She was so scared that her legs were soft and she sank to the ground.
Zhu Di was sweating profusely, and her coldness remained undiminished. This arrow passed through her crotch robe. Zhu Di can still feel that coldness now. If she were a little higher, Zhu Di would know that she is not a man.
Looking at the place where the feather arrow was shot with fear, I found Huang Fusong coming here with a middle-aged man.
This arrow can’t be shot by Huang Fusong, regardless of the relationship between the two people. Although Huang Fusong has been familiar with bow and horse since childhood, this degree of Huang Fusong must be impossible.
Since it wasn’t Huangfusong, it was the middle-aged man beside him. Zhu Xi looked at the middle-aged man beside Huangfusong with fear. There was nothing unusual about his appearance, but he was full of heroic spirit and asked in fear, "Who are you?"
"Huang Zhong Huang Hansheng!" Huang Zhong stood across and looked down at Zhu Xi and said.
"General Five Tigers!"
"Why is Huang Zhong here!"
"Brother Han Sheng! I love you so much! "
"Sign your name!"
There are a lot of spectators. When Zhou Cang and Zhu Di had an argument, players wanted to see who Zhou Cang was because they didn’t know Zhou Cang’s name. Now one more person dares to shoot Zhu Di’s crotch, so they are more curious.
At this time, listening to Huang Zhong’s self-reported name, he exploded the pot in an instant, and there were all kinds of comments.
Some are surprised, some are questioning, some are worshipping, and what’s more, they want to sign directly.
Huang Zhong is in a trance. Do I know these people?
"General Zhu, what is this?" HuangFuSong see Zhu Di sitting on the ground, hurriedly to help Zhu Di, confused and said.
"General Huangfu, you’re just in time. This is a group of spies in the Yellow Scarf. I will take them down quickly!" Zhu Xi immediately said.
Li She finally failed when Huang Zhong arrived, and when she was about to fall, thanks to Qin Ming, she didn’t fall to the ground.
At this time, when I heard Zhu Xi say this, I was so angry that I had nowhere to put it. I was remorseful in my heart and would not come long ago, otherwise there would be so many things.
Qin Ming couldn’t listen to it anymore. He said angrily, "We are obviously here to help. Why did you frame us!"
"Hum! Help? " Zhu Xi snorted coldly, but when he looked at Huang Zhong’s eyes, he immediately felt a lot empty, but he still crustily skin of head and said, "Who knows if you are spies sent by the Yellow Scarf?"
Huang Zhong clenched the ghost knife in his hand, stared at Zhu Xi and said, "What do you want?"
"I …" Zhu Xi looked at Huang Zhong, but she really didn’t dare to say anything malicious, for fear that Huang Zhong would take another arrow.
"Come on, General Zhu, I can assure you that they are not spies." At this time, Huang Fusong said in a roundabout way, but looked at Zhu Xi’s still angry and twisted face and looked at Huang Zhong and said, "Why don’t you apologize to Brother Huang?"
Huang Zhong didn’t speak, but looked at Li She.
Everyone was surprised, especially those players. They could naturally see that Li was a player. What Huang Zhong showed at a glance was well known to all, and they all lamented that Li had gone dumb luck.
Li She looked at Zhou Cang, who had a conflict with Zhu Xi, and found that Zhou Cang was still angry, so she had to persuade him, "Yuanfu, you can apologize."
Zhou Cang was still full of anger, and when he heard that he wanted to apologize, he immediately disagreed and shouted, "No, I, Zhou Cang, will never apologize to such a person!"
Zhou Cang?’
"The knife will be Zhou Cang!"
"I wipe! Another fierce person! "
"Who is this boy! Good luck to go against the sky! "
Some people didn’t pay much attention to the Three Kingdoms, so they were not familiar with Zhou Cang, a military commander, and asked people around them who Zhou Cang was.
"You’re not from Mars, are you?" People who know it look down on others, as if Zhou Cang is his subordinate, and show off and say, "The red man in front of Master Guan! It is the valiant soldier who carried the knife for Master Guan, and the existence of Pound in the romance was captured alive! "
Ding Tao, standing not far behind Li She, was also in a state of turmoil. If I had known that Zhou Cang was fierce, I didn’t expect that even Huang Zhong was soothed by him.
"what! Capture pound alive! " Who is Pound? He is definitely the first person in Xiliang except Ma Chao Ma Mengqi. I don’t know if it is a fluke. If you don’t have enough courage, how can you capture such an expert?
Seeing that Zhou Cang didn’t want to apologize, Li She couldn’t persuade him again, so as not to let Qin Ming help him in the past, and said to Zhu Xi, "General Zhu, please forgive me for the wild words just now!"
"Master …" Zhou Cang was deeply ashamed to see Li involved, but he really couldn’t make an apology.
Huang Zhong followed Li quietly, just in case anything happened.
With a snort of cold, Zhu Xi turned away. He knew that he couldn’t get anything good. Although there were tens of thousands of good soldiers, the man named Huang Zhong wanted to kill himself, and he could never be spared.
As soon as Zhu Xi left, Huang Fusong immediately said to Huang Zhong, "Brother Huang, now that the Yellow Scarf is temporarily retired, I have to hurry to arrange some matters, so that I can face the upcoming offensive of the Yellow Scarf and leave first."
Huang Zhongjing stood behind Li She and did not respond.
HuangFuSong also no longer say more, turned to find Zhu Xi, lest what’s wrong again.
In a short time, someone came to arrange a rest place, and Li She and others went together. Ding Tao knew that it was difficult to fight safely on his own, so he followed closely.
During this period, many people wanted to come and befriend. Zhou Cang directly lashed the tiger’s head broadsword to the ground, afraid to go any further, so he had to wait and see from a distance.
Zhou Cang has been cooing all the way, saying that Li She shouldn’t apologize, and that it is good to protect herself in the battlefield, and saving people is just a baiwenhang, which makes Ding Tao, who is closely following Li She, very embarrassed.
Zhou Cang also knew that he had said something wrong and smiled at Ding Tao: "I didn’t say anything about you, brother. I can see your performance!"
Li She now knows another skill of Zhou Cang, which definitely has the potential of Tang Priest. Suddenly, when Zhou Cang mentioned Ding Tao, he said to Ding Tao, "Li She is in Tianmen Town, South County, Xiajingxiang. Who is her brother?"
"Brother, have you heard of the third town in the world?" Ding Tao didn’t answer, with the help of Li Qin Ming then rob words said.
"The third town in the world? Is the brother Ding Tao, the mayor of Longhun Town, Wuwei County, Liangzhou! " Li She was deeply impressed by the third town in the world, not only because it was the third town in the world, but also because it was cool in the west.
Xiliang has always been barren. It stands to reason that the name of which town in this world is absolutely not in Liangzhou, like Jingzhou Yizhou.
Similar to Li’s guess, the first and second towns in the world are all from Jingxiang, a rich place. Originally, Li thought that the third town in the world should belong to the non-profit state. I didn’t expect this Ding Tao to go retrograde and win the name directly. It will never be a mediocre person, so Li is very concerned about this Ding Tao.
At this time, I was very surprised to hear that this man was Ding Tao.
"These are all false names, unlike Li Dage, who doesn’t have any names, but they are very jealous!" Ding Tao said with a smile.
"Ha ha ha!" Li She knew what Ding Tao meant, of course. She felt amazing that she could accept Huang Zhong and Zhou Cang. It was hypocritical to be polite again, so she just burst out laughing.