Valencia has mendieta on the right and doesn’t need Ferreira’s assistance.

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Buying him can enhance the team’s defensive ability on the right side.
Moreover, paulo ferreira’s social status is not high at this time, so it’s a good deal to buy him.
After all, Ferreira is still unknown at this time. He played in Esch toril for three years before, but Esch toril is a Portuguese second-level league team, and he is not well-known. This team is not as famous as a small town in the same city …
Then he moved to setubal. A little stronger, at least it took them a season to rise to the top league in Portugal.
But that’s all.
The best right-back in Europe in 2004 is still an unknown stone at this time.
If Changsheng was not a traveler, he would never have known that there was such a person in European football.
Although setubal has been upgraded successfully, it is a pipe dream to keep Ferreira.
Because Valencia is so attractive to Ferreira.
Which is better than a newly promoted Portuguese league player and a team that has reached the Champions League finals for two consecutive years?
This is a nonsense question and there is no need to answer it at all.
When setubal received an offer from Valencia, they knew they couldn’t keep paulo ferreira, the main right-back of the team last season.
The same is true. Ferreira was flattered that Valencia was interested in him.
Changsheng really wants to thank Cooper for leading Valencia to the Champions League finals twice in a row and earning enough popularity for Valencia, which has become the capital for him to fool people everywhere now.
If Valencia is only a strong team with some influence in Spain, at least it will not be so easy to cheat Ibrahimovic. People will definitely choose Ajax, who has excellent youth training and is more willing to reuse young people.
The attraction to Carvalho will not be so much. Porto is a Portuguese giant and a champion of the Champions League.
It’s all right now.
Ibrahimovic, Carvalho and Ferreira have all invested in winning accounts.
Chang Sheng thinks that’s what he is doing. When he meets Cooper’s Inter Milan, he should leave a little affection-if they can meet …
Just as Chang Sheng got the players he wanted in the transfer market, Valencia players on vacation also returned to the team one after another. Partner Sports City, a training base in Valencia, which has been silent for a month, has gradually become lively.
Many Valencia players were surprised to choose Chang Sheng from the Spanish League as the team’s head coach.
They originally thought that the club owner would choose a more famous handsome man.
Of course, they are just surprised.
Most people don’t show disdain for this.
It’s not like when Chang Sheng coached getafe’s first team. Because Chang Sheng is not a nobody to them.
Chang Sheng led the team to avoid relegation four rounds in advance, won the championship one round in advance, and defeated Mallorca in the final of the King’s Cup to win the King’s Cup trophy. Let his name be constantly mentioned by the media.
Therefore, these Valencia players also know that their coach is not a nobody with no level, but he is learned by real talents, but his reputation is still a little behind Hiddink and Cooper.
However, many players are still skeptical about whether this coach can make Valencia by going up one flight of stairs.
After all, Valencia has reached the Champions League finals for two consecutive seasons, which is a great achievement. If you want to be better than this … wouldn’t you have to win the championship?
Getafe is a small team, where there is little work pressure and simple interpersonal relationship. But Valencia is different. No matter the pressure or the dressing room environment, it is much more ferocious than getafe.
Can this young China coach handle it?
Many Valencia players watched with suspicion.
16th is the day when the team reports, and the winning team often appears in Partner Sports City one day in advance.
Because he has to meet his coaching staff first.
Last time he went to the first team in getafe, he was alone, and now he has a Rudy Gonzá lez beside him.
In the office, facing a room full of people, Changsheng introduced Rudy Gonzá lez to his new colleagues, while Julio Lei Dongduo, the coach of the original team, introduced their new colleagues to Changsheng and Rudy.
Include a coach, Francisco Jose camarasa, and a goalkeeper coach, Francisco Jose Vargas.
Then it’s all scouts and team doctors
Chang Sheng found that his coaching staff was not as strong as Ma Zhuang’s as he imagined.
This is not like a La Liga coaching staff configuration …
Julio Lei Dongduo clearly saw the suspicion in Chang Sheng’s eyes and explained helplessly: "There were more than these people in the coaching staff, but when Cooper left the team, he took all his coaching staff away … so …"
Changsheng suddenly realized.
He wanted to form his own coaching team before, but the Cooper family already has their own team.
These people are not loyal to a team, but loyal to him, and wherever he goes, he will follow.
When Cooper signed the contract with Valencia, he must have signed the contract with his entire coaching staff, just like he came to Valencia with Rudy Gonzalez.